The Spine of Night Premiering at SXSW Tonight!

The Spine of Night will be premiering tonight at SXSW. I am extremely excited about this one! If the past output from Morgan King/Gorgonaut has been any indication, Spine will be a rotoscoped masterpiece of sword-and-sorcery. The blurb from the teaser trailer posted on YouTube:

So excited to finally be able to share this, the official teaser trailer for our long-in-the-making hand-rotoscoped psychedelic fantasy epic feature film: 'The Spine of Night.' Starring Richard E. Grant, Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Betty Gabriel, and Joe Manganiello.


Mister Frau Blucher said...

That looks great! Hope it's available soon.

Ragnar Hill said...

Welcome back!