Which Game System Would YOU Use to Run Sword & Sanity

In an effort to gauge what You -the Reader- would like to see more of on this blog I have posted a poll (see above) simply asking, which game system would you choose if you were to run a Sword & Sanity style game? There are only a select number of games to choose from, but this is by design. These are the games I am a fan of, and would be willing to develop for. Some are "old-school" and some are considered "new-school", but all are great games that I think are fun. Many are games that can be acquired freely just by downloading, which I am a huge advocate of (see the links to the right under Free Games!), while others are not free, but are damn fine games nonetheless. Admittedly, I have more experience with some of the games listed than others, but I have included a couple simply because I feel they would be great vehicles for Sword & Sanity.

So there it is. Please take a moment to cast a vote, and if you feel strongly enough about it please leave a response letting me know why. The more information I can obtain the better. For the lurkers out there, please do me a favor and de-cloak for a moment and vote. It will be quick and painless, I promise! If you have a suggestion not listed, please select your favorite from the list and then share your real choice with a comment. Thanks!