Wow, Nine Months Went By Fast!

Some of you may or may not know, but my wife and I are expecting and the official due date is April 12th. Time has flown by, and we are down to the wire. My daughter will be here any day now!

I realize my posts have been at a snail's pace these past couple of month. This is mainly due to preparations for the new addition to our family. I do not expect things will pick up any time soon. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee I will have even less time to dedicate to the Outer Dark, or to Hopeful Monster Creations in the very near future. But I hope to keep plugging along on a couple of projects I have brewing when I find the time, so please be patient if things go quiet for a bit.

Once I power through sleepless nights and the shock of being a new dad, I hope to come back with a new found enthusiasm, and be able to get to the business of finishing up the adventure setting I am working on, as well trying to get my Sword & Sanity rules finally published as well. Sean Robson, my Hopeful Monster partner, and I have been busy brainstorming quite a lot lately. I believe we have come up with some unique and interesting product ideas that we would like to develop, and eventually offer up to the gaming community. The trick now is to find the time to get beyond the research and development stage, and make these games a reality. Please be patient in the interim. I promise lots of productivity in the not so far away future.