[One Page Dungeon] Raid on Black Goat Wood

Ten days ago I mentioned I had plans to work on an entry for this year's One Page Dungeon contest. Having been out of town for a few days I have been a bit quiet about my progress, but I am now back at my hideaway in the foothills below Mount Voormithadreth and I wanted to share what I have come up with. The adventure is called Raid on Black Goat Wood, and I designed it to be something of a mini-sandbox style adventure. I think I did a fair job mapping out the main adventure location, and providing most everything needed to run the game. We will see how successful my efforts are as soon as other gamers get hold of the adventure and put it through its paces...

I am using Scribd to host the PDF, and you should be able to see a preview of it below. It is a public file, so feel free to download and print it. As with everything I post here I would love to hear some feedback. If you have trouble downloading the PDF, or see any glaring spelling or editorial problems I would like to hear about it ASAP. Comments welcome, so please leave them!

Raid on Black Goat Wood