Things have been very quiet here on The Outer Dark... way to quiet. I admit, I am having a hard time finding any kind of motivation to blog, game, read, write, etc. since my granddad's death. I thought I was prepared for his passing, but obviously I wasn't prepared for the loss. Slowly I am starting to get back into the swing of things.

I have managed to cobble together a couple of new panels for my Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen, and I hope to have those added to the original file and posted early next week. I have also been working on a Swords Against the Outer Dark supplemental rulebook for Labyrinth Lord, which I suspect would have been complete by now if life hadn't kicked me in the nuts. I will resume work on that and hopefully have it completed before this time next month. My birthday is September 12th, so I will make that the target date.

That reminds me, I will be needing artwork for this book, so if any of the talented artists out there who follow this blog want to submit some samples of their cthuloid infused sword & sorcery artwork I would love to see them. At this point I know I will need a cover, some border art and some general clipart to place as needed. I prefer all of it be black and white. I can't promise I can pay much, but maybe we can work something out. Contact me at psmangus at gmail dot com.

Other than that I hope to have a chance to playtest and review Shadow, Sword & Spell. I have been looking forward to this game for a very long time. I played Colonial Gothic earlier this year and really liked it, so I am assuming I will also like SS&S since they share the same basic ruleset. I have also attained a dead-tree copy of Barbarians of Lemuria (Legendary Edition), so I have that on the hotplate of games I want to play as well. Once I get a chance to try it you can expect a review.

Well, that is where I am and where I am going. I would like to thank everyone who left me kind words when my granddad died. It meant a lot to me. And thanks for checking out my small dark corner of the 'net.