Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen

Here is my latest effort, hot off the presses! I present the Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen, which is a landscape three panel reference screen for use with Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion. It was designed to be printed and easily used along with a customizable game master screen.

Also included in this PDF are a few Labyrinth Lord themed inserts that can be displayed on the front of the screen. I wanted to create graphics that could be used during game demos and conventions that would help promote Labyrinth Lord, the Labyrinth Lord Society and Goblinoid Games. If anything, Dan Proctor should appoint me the LLS Minister of Propaganda and Public Relations for this one!

As usual, feedback is appreciated and also alert me to any errata that may be needed. Finally, a big thanks goes to David Baymiller, who acted as my proofreader on this project.


Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen
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