Sorry I'm Late... Here Are My Dice

Tim, this ones for you! Sorry I am late, uh make that very late, to the party...

So, you want to see my dice, huh? I had to do a bit of digging in the closet, but I managed to find all the dice I have been able to hold onto over the years. Let's begin with the random-ass dice from the 'catch-all' box:

Notice the Rune Dice by Flying Buffalo. I found the dice, but haven't seen the book that came with them for years, so I believe it is lost to time. I thought they were cool when I saw them, but I only gave them a roll maybe three or four time. Those were an impulse buy for sure. Also, I did not realize I still had the dice from the old HeroQuest game. I also have the minis and props from the game, but no longer seem to have the actual board. The other dice are from various other games, of which I have no idea what they might be. The wooden d6s have me puzzled more than any of the others...

OK, onto the more organized sets that I have, but mostly never use anymore:

It was cool walking down memory lane as I unboxed many of these sets for the first time in decades. My cherished set from the Moldvay Basic D&D set survived better than I ever would have imagined. Most of the crayon is even still in the numbers! This was the very first set of dice I ever owned. The blue precision dice next to these are the first set I actual chose for myself, and bought with my own money from my local game store. Hey, it was a big deal to me back then! I was also pleased to find the set that came out of the RuneQuest 3rd Edition box set. I actually hated these dice back in those days, so I never used them. I am actually thinking about inking them now, because I think they are kind of cool. The only one I can't say for sure belongs with this set is the orange d4.

The next picture kind of turns my stomach now:

Dragon Dice... why, oh why did I ever fall for this money pit of a f'ing game?! I can't tell you how much cash I dropped on this game. It makes my brain hurt to think about it! What is shown in the picture can't be all the Dragon Dice I bought either, so my brother or one of my buddies must have helped themselves to some. Is anyone out there still playing Dragon Dice? Or better yet, has anyone figured out a way to use these dice in their regular D&D game? I would love to find a way to put them to good use.

Next up, my copper and steel set:

I bought these dice for a Conan game I was playing in back in 2005 (I think that date is correct). If you haven't figured it out yet, I freely admit I have a dice fetish. I like to use dice that, to me, evoke the feel of the game. When I found these dice they screamed out sword & sorcery to me, so I had to have them. As for the gigantic metal dice, yeah I went there! They are GIANT METAL dice! What more needs to be said?!

Next, my go-to set that I have used for several years now:

There is no real reason I have chosen to use these over my copper and steel set. I just have. I guess I just needed a change. Not to mention that they are easy to read and have a nice look to them when they catch the light just right. The glass beads in the lower right corner have the same luminous colors as the dice, so they complement the set well. I have used these beads to keep track of various things during games. Here is this set ready to travel:

The next set I showed off earlier in the year:

Black GameScience precision dice with the numbers inked white. I like these dice a lot, and will probably make them my go-to set once I find a steady gaming group and have a regular game going again. To me, there is just something Zen-like to plain 'ol black dice with clean white numbers.

Last but not least, more GameScience dice:

These are 'diamond' with the numbers inked in black, and they are lined up in order in the pic. These are pretty dice, but tend to be a bit hard to read sometimes. This is almost a complete set of Zocchi dice. I am missing a d7, which I doubt I will ever bother to buy, and a d30, which I would love to have one that matches this set.

There you have it. Those are my dice. Like 'em? :-)

And to end this on the proper note, my name is Shane Mangus and I am a dice-oholic...