NEMESIS in a Nutshell

I was looking back through some documents from a few years ago, and stumbled upon something I thought would be interesting and handy to share with everyone. First, just a bit of background...

Back in 2006-2007 I was working on and ran a very short lived Sword & Sanity game powered by a customized version of the NEMESIS: Roleplaying in Worlds of Horror system, which is a game that utilizes the One-Role Engine (ORE). ORE is a rules-lite roleplaying system that allows the player to roll a dice pool of 10 sided dice, and this one roll tells you everything you need to know to resolve a situation, both in and out of combat. It is a very clever, and well designed resolution system. The NEMESIS rules are free to download and play, and I highly recommend the game, but be warned it is a bare-boned system that leaves a lot of breathing room, and some may feel needs further fleshing out. Personally, I find this to be a positive thing about the game, because I enjoy tweaking and "messing" with game systems.

During this time I began working on a conversion for the game to help me realize my Sword & Sanity concept, and I called the project NEMESIS by Torchlight, which basically took the modern NEMESIS rules and changed them up for dark fantasy roleplay. I cannot for the life of me put my finger on the rules I had written up for that game, but if I receive enough feedback from this post I would consider taking another look at the project and doing a rewrite.

Anyway, the document I ran across today is titled "NEMESIS in a Nutshell", and basically is all the vital rules from the NEMESIS system compiled together so they can be printed on one sheet of paper (front and back). I have had "Nutshell" available for download over at Project NEMESIS for a few years now, but I have cleaned up a few things and corrected some minor mistakes I was able to find, and I am now offering it here to be downloaded and enjoyed:
NEMESIS in a Nutshell (v1.1)
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