[The Lovecraftian Collector] Aspects of Nyarlathotep

More goodies to share from my own Mythos collection. Above we have two statues sculpted by Richard Allen Poppe. Both of these are representations of different aspects of the Crawling Chaos himself, Nyarlathotep. On the right we have The Faceless God (from "The Faceless God", by Robert Bloch), and on the left we have God of the Bloody Tongue (from "The Dweller in Darkness", by August Derleth).

It should also be noted that The Faceless God statue has undergone some modification by my hand. All in pursuit of the perfect prop, of course! I needed it to look like an unearthed relic of the Black Sphinx (sometimes the Faceless God appeared to the Egyptians as a giant sphinx with no face) made of some sort of basalt or otherwise unknown rock. I used a dark textured spraypaint (maybe granite... can't seem to recall) and then a sponge to dab on flat black paint. In the end I liked how it turned out and it made for an ominous centerpiece for that game.