Percentile Thief By A Landslide

Well, another poll was posted and voting has come to an end, and I have to say that I am more than a little surprised by the results. I was curious what resolution system most Labyrinth-heads are using for thieving skills, with the choices ranging from percentile dice to d6, d20 and of course "Other". Here are the final results of this poll:

I do not know why it surprises me as much as it does, but 59% of the voters use the thieving rules as written in the Labyrinth Lord rules. Only 22% use a d6, d20 and "Other" tied with 8% each. Keep in mind that outside of the attention this poll may have gotten due to Blogger's blog-roll I advertised this on the Goblinoid Games forums and Facebook page.

I guess I assumed the results would be a lot closer than what the poll shows. And I thought that d6 would have been a lot more popular in the end. I blame my assumptions on my blog reading habits. It seems that converting thieving skills over to a d6 resolution system has been very popular lately, or at least it seems that way from the blogs I read on a regular basis. I am sure this is because most bloggers who talk about roleplaying games have the impulse to tinker with the games they love hardwired into their system.

I think it is safe for me to make the assumption that the results point to the fact that the vast majority of people probably use the rules as written. I think this says a lot about a game system that clones a game published in 1981. But this doesn't stop me from wanting to tinker with it a bit more... :-)