The North Winds of Ithaqua Blow South

Our first snowfall of the winter season fell today! For North Carolina it is a rarity that we get snow before Christmas, so we were surprised and elated when we saw the white flacks begin to fall. I hope this is a sign of things to come, and we get a lot more as winter pushes on!


Poll Closed, Multiple XP Tables Wins

Well, anther poll has closed and this one was very close. I was curious to see if most folks playing classic Dungeons & Dragons/Labyrinth Lord/Swords & Wizardry play the game as written, and use a different experience point progression table for each class, or do they use a single experience point chart that everyone uses? Turns out that the answer is almost split, with multiple tables winning out by only four votes. The comments that were left for this one were interesting, and there are some compelling arguments for both styles of play.

I am not sure where I truly stand on this one. I have played the game both ways, and honestly there is not a whole lot of difference in the end. A single chart is much easier to keep up with, but it also detracts from any kind of strategy a player might enjoy when deciding which class to play. Thieves have the lowest experience point requirements, and in my opinion Clerics get the most bang for their "experience buck". This kind of thing should matter when deciding what class to play, and maybe even adds a kind of game within a game for some players. In the end I believe it is a matter of wanting some variation and texture in the system over having the elegance of unity.