Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen - Revision 1.03 Posted

A couple of new mistakes (a misspelling and a repeated sentence) were found on my Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen, and a new revision of the document has been posted on Scribd and MediaFire. Thanks goes out to Omote on the Goblinoid Games forums for bringing these needed changed to my attention.
Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen (v1.03)


Grognardia Reviews Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen

For those who haven't noticed, James over at Grognardia has reviewed my Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen. I am glad to see that he liked the screen, and had very positive things to say in his review. I plan to take him up on his suggestion and add some additional panels to the screen in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for those updates.


The Game Is Afoot

As some of you might remember I recently moved to a new town, and have spent these past several weeks settling in and getting things in order in my new place. With much of this out of the way I am now ready to start looking for a new gaming group, so I decided that I would use Meetup to help find nearby gamers.

Tonight I met with Eric Townsend, who is the organizer for the Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers Meetup group. To my delight Eric and I have much in common, gaming and otherwise. He quickly informed me that there is a very healthy Lovecraftian gaming community that is waiting for me to tap into, and it looks like old-school games are also well represented here as well. All of which makes me giggle like a kid to find out.

Meeting Eric has me excited about getting involved with this group. He seems to be very enthusiastic about the gaming scene here in Raleigh and he was very receptive to having me introduce my Sword & Sanity style of gameplay to the group. So, what does all this have to do with anything? Simply put, the more I game the more I blog about gaming. Nuff said...


Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen - Revision 1.02 Posted

This morning I made a spelling correction (changed "Loosing Direction" to "Losing Direction") on my Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen, and I have posted revision 1.02 on Scribd and MediFire for download. Thanks goes out to MadLordOfMilk on the Goblinoid Games forums for being so observant and helping with errata.
Advanced Labyrinth Lord Screen (v1.02)