Just a quick heads-up to let everyone know that my posting will be sparse to nonexistent for the next week or so. I am getting married this coming Sunday and the following week we will be on our honeymoon. So...

When everything gets back to normal posting will begin again. And it will begin with a vengeance! For now, I have a couple of teasers... The Outer Dark has formed an alliance with a talented old-school artist and I hope to have some exciting news to announce very, very soon. This project is very, very cool and I can't wait to let everyone in on it! Also, I will begin to post more about the work I have been doing on the Labyrinth Lord supplement I have in the works. These posts will discuss everything from rules development to design decisions.

So, there it is. Hang in their while I am getting hitched. Thanks for reading, and I will be back very soon.

Roleplaying It Is

Well, another poll has ended and the results are in. This time I asked, which do you prefer for the spelling of our favorite hobby, Role Playing, Role-Playing or Roleplaying? And by a landslide the winner is Roleplaying. This is not the spelling which is found in the dictionary, nor is it accepted by any word-check I have encountered. It seems these sources prefer Role-Playing. Personally, I have always used "roleplaying" as my chosen spelling. There it is, another burning question answered.