[Mapping] Useful Brush Collection

As we all know, making custom maps for our games can be a pain in the ass at times. This past year I have come to rely on GIMP for all my mapping needs. It is easy to use, provides just enough utility to get the job done and most importantly it is free. Something I am always on the lookout for is various fiddly bits (brushes, textures, fonts, etc.) I can use with GIMP to help make my maps look visually appealing and hopefully somewhat professional looking.

This afternoon I ran across a veritable treasure trove of useful brushes that will offer endless potential to the do-it-yourself cartographer. These brushes were created by Chris Wahl, and he has been gracious enough to offer up all of them for free. I have to say, I have looked at hundreds of brush collections for Photoshop/GIMP, and very few have come close to looking this attractive. And if they did, they were not free.

I went there looking for a cross hatching brush, and I am glad to say that I found a lot more to boot. So, I am just helping spread the word that Chris is sharing the wealth. For those who download this collection, take a moment and leave a comment on Chris' blog to let him know he is appreciated. Enjoy!