[Dark Corners of high Adventure] Introduction

A series of posts I have planned will be tagged Dark Corners of High Adventure, and with this series I plan to share setting and adventure ideas that will help illustrate what the sword & sanity genre means to me. These settings will range from the historical to the fantastic, but they will all have the potential to blend high adventure sword & sorcery with Lovecraftian cosmic horror. There will be no game mechanics discussed in these posts, but I might suggest a few game systems that I feel are appropriate for the setting or adventure being discussed.

Just as a teaser, the first setting I will present will be the Orkney Isles in and around 999 AD. This is a setting I have had brewing for a few years now. Though this is a historical setting the Viking Age offers much in the way of magic, mystery and Lovecraftian mayhem. I should have this posted in the next few days.