Raid on Black Goat Wood Revised

It has been a long while since I posted anything here on the Outer Dark. I have lots of good reasons for this, including another project that has pulled my attention away, and of course there is my gig as a stay-at-home dad that is never ending. As a peace offering to my long neglected readers, I am posting a revised version of my one-page adventure, Raid on Black Goat Wood. The biggest revision is the map, which I feel is a BIG improvement over the original. I have also adjusted the layout of the document, which I hope will help organize things a bit better and make it easier to navigate the text. I made only a few small tweaks to the text of the adventure, so it remains very close to the original. I would like to thank all of those who downloaded the original and ran it for their groups. This means a lot to me, so thank you all! I hope this new revised version of Raid will be as warmly received as the original release was. Enjoy!

Edit: Found a typo on the PDF. I uploaded the new PDF to Google Docs. If anyone sees any other misspellings please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Edit #2: Thanks to Aidan for pointing out some pretty glaring typos that I and at least five other people overlooked when the adventure was first written. These have been corrected and the newest PDF has been posted and linked.


Anonymous said...

I placed this in my campaign a few months ago and the party had a good time with it, except they really resisted the idea that there was no way to kill the big bad. now that you mention it, I should review my notes on how they finally sealed it off ... maybe it's time for a blast from their past.
The revised format looks great, altohugh I liked the original too.

Shane Mangus said...

Thanks, Mike! I would love to see a review of your group's experience with Raid. Let me know when you post it and I will share the link here.

Sean Robson said...

Then new map is very cool. It's always great to see a classic updated.

Shane Mangus said...

Thanks, Sean!

Narmer said...

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Misspellings noticed, as requested (plus two grammar nitpicks):

"bowels of the Abyss"

"gaping sinkhole"

"source of all monsters"

"coarse black hair"

"adventurers meet with a scene" or "adventurers are met by a scene"

Good update of a great adventure. Thanks.


Shane Mangus said...

Thanks, Aidan! Where were you when I wrote this damn thing? :-) You caught things five other editors missed.

David Baymiller said...

Diggin it!
Love the new map. I'm gonna have to run this baby again, perhaps with the Victorian characters. :D

Love this adventure Shane!

Shane Mangus said...

Thanks, Dave! If you do happen to run it again, please share. I really enjoyed following your last write-up.

James Young said...

Conveniently, my players accidentally allowed Shub Niggurath to escape Her prison beneath the forest recently.

This is perfect!

Shane Mangus said...

Thanks, James! If you happen to post a play report let me know and I will share a link to it here.