Poll Closed, Thanks For Voting

Well, another poll was posted and voting has come to an end. I have to admit, it was kind of a ballsy move posting this one, but after seeing the results I have to say that I am honored to see how people voted. I asked, "Would you consider participating in a pledge drive to generate funds for the up coming Swords Against the Outer Dark Labyrinth Lord supplement?" here are the results:

A total of 51 people cast their vote, and only 17 (33%) said no, 23 (45%) voted that they would pledge $10 and 11 (21%) voted to pledge $25. Now I realize that this doesn't mean anything until folks actually step up and participate in a fund drive, but if votes did equal pledges the total would be $505.00, which is way more than I ever thought it would be. To everyone who took time to vote I want to say, thank you. This goes to those who voted "No" as well. This poll was very eyeopening to me and very helpful.

So, what does all this mean in the larger scheme of things? I am not sure. I haven't decided if a fund drive would be the way to go or not. I do not really know if $505.00 would be enough to fund the illustrating of a book that will most likely be around 80 to 100 pages. Having never published a book before I am learning as I go. And I have learned a lot so far.

It is too early to announce all the details but I have considered other alternatives to help generate funds. The first idea I had was to create some sort of Cthulhu Mythos prop that could be mass produced and sold in the $10 to $15 price range. There is also a very good chance that I will be working with an unnamed artist (only for now...) to produce some sort of t-shirt to help generate the needed funds.

Having said all of this, what do you guys think? I am open to comments and advice, and really anything else you would like to throw at me.
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