A Collection of Sigils

Well, today is moving day for me (off to Raleigh, NC), so I will just take a moment to share a quick post. I have spoken a bit about using props at the game table in the past and above is a picture of a few that I have used over the years. These are sigils that I sculpted and painted myself using Sculpey and various paints. For those who do not recognize the symbols, from right to left: Elder Sign (designed by August Derleth), Elder Sign (H.P. Lovecraft's design), the Yellow Sign (designed by Kevin Ross) and the Sigil of the Silver Serpent (inspired by the album cover for "Elder Signs" by Endvra). I am sure you can see the impact one of these would have on a player if it were on display just in front of the game master. If you are interested in making one of your own take a look at the excellent tutorial over at Propping Up the Mythos.
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