More Dave Carson Here On Display

My good friend and Lovecraftian Illustrator Extraordinar, Dave Carson, was kind enough to send me a couple of new illustrations this morning for use here on Swords Against the Outer Dark. I have put them on display at the top of each of the sidebars. The pissed off little demon on the right has a bit of history, in Dave's own words, "It was first published way back in the 80s to accompany a column by Karl Edward Wagner in Fantasy Newsletter." I love the piece, but this actually makes it even more special to me knowing that it was used to illustrate something written by a sword & sorcery / weird tales master like Wagner.

For those not familiar with Dave's work (which if you are into Lovecraft I do not see how you couldn't be) I urge you to visit his website and learn more about this artist. His pen & ink style is readily recognizable and unique, and has won him the "Best Artist" British Fantasy Award five times during his career. In the gaming industry his work has been used extensively by Chaosium to illustrate their Call of Cthulhu line and Mythos fiction. This is probably where I was first introduced to Dave's work more than 25 years ago. As always, I am grateful that Mr. Carson has allowed me to use a few of his pieces to spruce-up my blog.
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