Some Actually Get What I Am Doing Here

I wanted to share a quote I found today over on The Other Side Blog about Swords Against the Outer Dark. Tim Brannan wrote:
Now, obviously I am flattered by Tim's remarks, but I wanted to bring this up for a more important reason. It is nice to see someone describe my blog so perfectly. It lets me know that there are people out there that actually get what I am trying to do with this small dark space on the 'net. There are tons of Cthulhu based gaming blogs out there, but I always hoped I would be able to find a way to set mine apart from the others. To find my own niche. And with comments like this I feel like I have accomplished just that.

I realize it is rather indulgent of me to point these types of comments out, but I felt compelled to. As a blogger, this is the stuff that makes it all worthwhile!

It goes without saying, but I will do it anyway. If you do not have The Other Side Blog on your blog-roll please do yourself a favor and add it as soon as possible. Tim maintains an excellent blog that deserves your attention.
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