Adventurer - Traveller OD&D Hack

It seems that a gentleman by the name of "captainjack" from over at the Dragonsfoot forums has released a fully developed supplement for Traveller that emulates Original Dungeons & Dragons. He has dubbed this project Adventurer, and has it available for download. Captainjack has published Adventurer under an Open Game License using the Mongoose Traveller OGL.

I think this is amazing news, as I recently expressed an interest in developing a Lovecraftian Traveller hack I dubbed Dreamer. This project suddenly does not seem as daunting as it did when I began to seriously consider starting it. I have a few big releases I am developing for the Outer Dark right now, but once I have cleared those from my schedule I am seriously considering trying to make Dreamer a reality. In the mean time I will be reading over Adventurer to see how I can use it as a springboard for my own project.
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