[The Lovecraftian Collector] Dave Carson, Lovecraftian Illustrator

When I think of the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the artists that have attempted to illustrate them there is only one that comes to my mind who has truly captured the essence of the horror, the grotesque and the macabre that Lovecraft was such a master of, and that is Dave Carson.
"If you've ever wondered what H.P. Lovecraftian things really look like - I mean, really look like - you should go and inspect Dave's art." --Neil Gaiman
For many of you Dave Carson is synonymous with Lovecraftian illustration, but for those who are sadly unaware of his great work I urge you now to drop what you are doing and illuminate yourself immediately by checking out this artist's website. There you will find numerous prints, sculptures and t-shirts, some of which can be purchased directly from Mr. Carson, or through his eBay store. If you are like me and consider yourself a serious Mythos collector then you already own a Dave Carson print or t-shirt, and are always ready to obtain more. For those just getting started, this is a great place to start your collection.
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