My Appreciation for Castles & Crusades Grows

With all this talk and research into the various nuances of sword & sorcery (S&S) gaming I have come to appreciate Castles & Crusades more now than I ever have before. It occurred to me that Troll Lords Games took everything I loved about Dungeons & Dragons and they tweaked it just the way I like it, which is to say that they took a decidedly S&S approach when designing the character classes and their ability to cast spells.

Looking closer at the Bard, Ranger and Paladin as they are presented in C&C it becomes apparent that there was a different design philosophy than that found in D&D. Gone are the spellcasting abilities we have all become accustomed to when playing these classes. In C&C spells are where they need to be – in the capable hands of Wizards, Illusionists, Clerics and Druids.

This low-magic approach to the game design instills a long lost sense of wonder in the player's minds as they interact with arcane and divine magic during their adventures. It also makes C&C the perfect platform for S&S gaming. I have had to do little in the way of system tweaking for my current game, which allows me to concentrate more on storytelling and world building.

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