My Weird Adventures Contest Entry

Trey Causey has a contest going on right now over at From the Sorcerer's Skull. He is asking for adventure seeds to be submitted for possible use in a Weird Adventures companion he has in the works. If you haven't heard about the contest then head over there now, read the rules and get your submissions in. Here is mine:
In the Hills There Are Dark Ways 
An otherwise relaxing trip into the misty hills of the Smaragdine Mountains turns into a hellish tour of "old-time" religion and ancient evil. 
The Set-up: The PCs find themselves stranded in the small mountain village, Pilot's Den. Quickly, it becomes obvious that the townsfolk are not only a little odd, but it appears they are members of a fervent Holiness Church, The Chruch of Our Father. As the party tries to negotiate a means off the mountain and back to civilization, it appears that the townspeople are in the midst of their annual Harvest Festival. In the center of town, Zebulon Bishop, the local preacher, is giving a rousing sermon. The PCs can't help but notice the great stone positioned right in the center of town; long, rectangular, lying flat and carved with the image of a great snake that coils around its circumference. It is not long before the townsfolk are overcome by "the Spirit," and begin drinking poison from mason jars, speaking in tongues and taking up venemous serpents, all in the glorious name of "The Father." The awful truth is that the villagers are not just speaking in "tongues," they are spouting Aklo, the ancient arcane language of the Serpent Men of Valusia; Zebulon Bishop is indeed a Serpent Man in the guise of a human; the ancient Indian stone in the center of town is in fact an altar; the Harvest Festival is an annual blood ritual, performed to guarantee bountiful crops and prosperity for the town; and "The Father" being called forth is the Great Old One, Yig. At the climax of the ceremony, preacher Bishop calls for blood and points to the PCs. Right on cue, the ground begins to shake, and awful groaning noises emanate from below the mountain. How will the characters escape the clutches of the Snake Cult? 
Highlights: An isolated mountain town inahbited by a backward folk; snake handling, Aklo speaking cultists; a mad preacher, who, from the pulpit, calls for blood to be spilled in the name of "The Serpent Father"; Serpent Men; ancient rites performed to appease the Great Old Serpent.
It is Lovecraftian, which is a big surprise I am sure. This is a scenario I have had cooked up for some time now, and had originally planned to use it for a Colonial Gothic game, which unfortunately never happened. I updated a couple of things to make it more appropriate for Weird Adventures, but in the end very little was changed. I have a few little Easter eggs hidden in there to make things fun, so kudos to those who spot them. I am crossing my fingers and would love to win a copy of Weird Adventures. Wish me luck, and enjoy!