Note to Gamers Old & New

When posting gaming articles I will assume the reader has a working knowledge of roleplaying games (RPGs). For those who have stumbled upon this blog and would like to learn more about RPGs please refer to this article. My overall gaming philosophy and approach to the hobby is summed up very well in Matt Finch’s A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming, which I encourage everyone to read.

Also, I should mention the majority of the gaming articles and supplemental materials offered here will be written for
Castles & Crusades (C&C). There are several reasons for this. I like the game because it is heavily influenced by both editions of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D), and it can be house ruled with extreme ease. Also, I find that C&C breaches the gap between old school and new school Dungeons & Dragons very well, allowing you to pick and choose materials from either classic era D&D, or from the newer Open Game License (OGL) products. This means the materials I release can be used with just about any version of D&D with little conversion effort.

As stated in a previous post
, unless otherwise noted, the gaming materials are presented here as Open Game Content under Open Game License (OGL).
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