I just wanted to remind folks that Sean Robson's Megadungeon! is available for download at RPGNow. If you haven't checked it out yet please head that way and do so now. This project was a labor of love for Sean, who wrote the rules, and handled all of the artwork himself. This is a true do-it-yourself project that I feel exemplifies the spirit of the Old-School Renaissance. While most of the OSR has chosen to focus their efforts on retro-cloning classic rulesets, and publishing adventure modules, Sean chose to release something a bit different. Megadungeon! is a game that falls into the classic dungeon crawl school of boardgames, much like Dungeon! and HeroQuest. I feel Sean's design is as strong as either of the previously mentioned games. What I would love to see is Megadungeon! sell well enough to allow Sean to publish a deluxe edition of the game. For such a minuscule price tag, Sean has delivered one hell of a little game!