Crypts & Things Cover Revealed

Behold! The new cover for Crypts & Things, created by the incredibly talented Jon Hodgson. Check out the official announcement over at D101 Games.


Brutorz Bill said...

That is just SOOO many kinds of awesome!!!

Big_Jay said...

Initially I wasn't interested, but after reading the review of the playtest version I am definitely looking forward to this. More importantly I am *DYING* to see what comes out of your own "Sword & Sanity" work with "Swords Against the Outer Dark"! A take on the source material that doesn't have to include the major players (Conan is a great character, but a S&S world without him would be awesome for a campaign) and can play up the darker elements is, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air. High fantasy has its place, but a steady diet has just worn oh-so thin.

The rule changes look awesome -- why doesn't every character have a shot a lock, traps, and other "theives' only" feats? They're supposed to be adventurers! Or why aren't there rules for limiting/eliminating magic (and its users) in a campaign setting to better simulate a sword & sorcery (very mis-named) setting? A basic skill system seems a no-brainer, etc. -- and the use of Swords & Wizardry just makes me happy (as my new preferred FRPG ruleset).

Give me action, adventure, and madness any day!

Shane Mangus said...

@Big Jay - Thanks for the comments. Newt has put together a very fine game, and I intend to help support and promote *any* of his projects that I can. That is how much I think of the guy.

As for my own Sword & Sanity rules set, I am still working on it. I decided to stop talking about it so much on the blog because it has taken me much longer that I ever anticipated it would. Writing a game, even one that leans on the OGL, is hard work. I am close to finishing the player's and system sections of the rules, so I will have more to share in the near future.