This past week has been a blur, to say the least. It has felt like Steph and I were trapped inside a gigantic baby delivery machine, as the gears of the hospital turned and pushed us from one room to the next, and a never ending staff of baby technicians poked, prodded and probed all the livelong day. Getting home from the hospital and into our own bed was a relief. We are all finally settling in and starting to get some rest, and little Ellie is already sleeping through most of the night. So all is well here on the home front.

On the gaming front, I have been busy reviewing the entries for this year's One Page Dungeon Contest. Today is the deadline for the judges to have their picks turned in to Alex, and it looks like I should be able to meet that deadline with no problem.

One thing I have realized during this judging process is how particular I am when it comes to what I expect from an adventure write-up, especially when it is limited to a single page. I strongly believe there are certain basic things that must be present in the design of a one-pager to be considered useful, and more importantly, complete. Before the end of the week I would like to dedicate a blog post to my thoughts on this, and try to offer up some advice that might help future participants in the 1PDC. More on this in a day or two...
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