Poll Closed, Variable Damage Kills It!

Well this one came as no surprise. When asked which damage rules they prefer when playing an older version of D&D/Labyrinth Lord/Swords & Wizardry, variable or unified damage, a huge majority of gamers voted that they liked variable damage the best. Seventy-seven people voted on this poll (I believe this is the largest number of votes on any poll posted here on the Outer Dark) and 72% voted for variable damage. I guess this shows that not all weapons are created equal in the minds of most old-school D&Ders.

Personally, I have used variable damage as far back as I can remember. Judging by the date of when I first played D&D I know I had to of played in least a couple of games where we used the Holmes basic edition. I did not own a copy of this edition and did not actually get to read over this rulebook until I was in my late teens. Roughly a year after my first experience playing D&D I received a Moldvay basic edition for my birthday. I poured over that rulebook countless times back in the day, but until very recently I did not even realize that the unified d6 damage rules were actually included as the default damage rules and the variable weapon damage rules were considered "optional". To be honest I am not sure I missed out on anything by glossing over the default damage rules and going straight for the optional.
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