Chthonian Stars

In my last post I asked if anyone would be interested in seeing a Sword & Sanity hack using the Traveller ruleset. Not everyone was sold on the idea, and I can understand why. This was something of a thought experiment, mainly brought on by my research into Wanderer and the thought of using the Traveller rules to run a fantasy setting. My vision of such a game would be called Dreamer and take place in Lovecraft's Dreamlands. By the comments I received, most liked the idea of playing a Lovecraftian game with Traveller, but thought the game itself should stay rooted in science fiction. For those who haven't heard there is such a game coming very soon from WildFire LLC (CthulhuTech) and Mongoose Publishing called Chthonian Stars, which is a near future sci-fi/horror setting powered by the latest edition of Traveller (also published by Mongoose). The website for Chthonian Stars is pretty sparse right now, but the latest edition of Mongoose Publishing's in-house magazine (Signs & Portents #81) has a very informative sneak-peek of the game for those who would like to find out more.
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