Troll Lord Games YouTube Channel

Something I was delighted to find was that Troll Lord Games has a series of video blogs they have begun posting on their own YouTube channel. Apparently, this is going to be a regular endeavor, and we can expect to see new videos posted as frequently as every week. I think this is an excellent move on their part, and a great way for them to stay connected to their fan base, and get late breaking news out to the community as it happens.

For those of us who have followed the Trolls and the development of Castles & Crusades over the years, we have all seen firsthand how priorities can shift for independent game publishers and projects can get pushed to the wayside. Unfortunately, it seems that is just the nature of the beast. The Castle Keeper's Guide is a great example of this, and TLG has gotten a lot of flack over this elusive project. The CKG has become the "White Whale" for the Trolls, and many fans have been negatively vocal because this book has gotten pushed back on their release schedule so many times. Now updates, even disappointing ones, can be shared quickly, and hopefully it will make unforeseen setbacks less painful to announce.

I think other gaming companies should be taking notes here, and follow suite. Personally, I have subscribed to the TLG YouTube channel, and I look forward to seeing Steve Chenault share company news and product information, as well as displaying his collection of Dr. Pepper cans! :-)
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