Mapping With GIMP

As I push forward with my One Page Dungeon entry I have thrown myself headlong into a crash course in the use of GIMP to help me create a nice looking map. I already have an ancient version of Paint Shop Pro, which isn't quite robust enough for the project, and Adobe Photoshop CS3, which can be a handful for those like myself that haven't mastered the program. GIMP seems to hit the sweet spot somewhere in the middle, and better yet it is free! I am just sorry it took me this long to give it a try...

For those who haven't discovered it yet the Cartographer's Guild is a forum dedicated to the art of creating custom made maps. There are a ton of very talented people frequenting this forum, so of course it is a great source of inspiration and advice. One particular thread I have been following was posted by torstan, and is titled "Creating an old-school map in Gimp." This has turned out to be a lifesaver! This tutorial is well written, easy to follow and I am so glad I stumbled on to it. There is no reason every gamer alive is not a member of this forum!
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