Labyrinth Lord Society AEC Special Preview Received

This morning I woke up, checked my email and found a copy of the Labyrinth Lord Society Advanced Edition Companion Special Preview sitting in my inbox. Lucky me! Receiving this is one of the perks for those that joined the Labyrinth Lord Society, and allows the society members to get an exclusive early look at the new Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion (AEC).

As I opened the PDF the first thing that struck me was the page count (160 pages). I guess when I saw the word "companion" I expected it to be like any other companion for any other game . You know, additional rules and game options with a low, but modest page count. The AEC looks to be a complete rulebook to me, and I did not expect it to be. I could be wrong, but the rules presented look complete. I am guessing this book is all a player will need to run an advanced LL game.

I can't wait to buy this book. I am very impressed with what Dan Proctor has accomplished here. Nice clean layout. Precise language that makes reading the rules a joy. I love the cover art, and am excited to get my hands on a dead-tree copy, so I can see the interior art in all its old school glory.

As expected, there are new rules for playing all the races and classes found in 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Also, there are optional rules for allowing "advanced" hit dice, secondary skills, multi-classing and also new combat options. There is also a complete spellbook (cleric, druid, magic-user and illusionist) and monster manual.

I think the AEC is going to put LL over the top, and help it become the go to game for many players out there. I grew up playing 1st edition AD&D, and for me the AEC perfectly captures the nostalgia I have for that venerable game, but with a simpler/cleaner approach.
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