Happy Birthday Klarkash-Ton!

Clark Ashton Smith
montage and sculpture by Andrea Bonazzi

Today would have marked Clark Ashton Smith's 118th birthday, had he not passed away in 1961. Happy birthday Klarkash-Ton, high priest of the Weird!


T.E. Grau said...

Ah, I missed CAS's B-Day. What sort of Weirderian am I?

BTW, great looking blog, Shane!

I need to pop by here more often. I've been so busy trying to build my very own corner in the ether, that I've been neglecting the perusal of fantastic blogs like yours. I'll rectify that going forward.

Plus, I'm gonna' gank some of your design and layout gadgets. ;)

Shane Mangus said...

Thanks, Ted! If you are like me then your blog will always be a work in progress. Gank away my friend!