Albion Adventures

Newt Newport, who owns D101 Games and maintains the excellent old-school gaming blog Sorcerer Under Mountain, has announced that he will be producing a series of adventure modules "intended to be a tribute to the old UK AD&D adventures of the 80s, that were published via White Dwarf, Imagine Magazine and of course the early Fighting Fantasy books.". These modules will be published as "Albion Adventures – UK 1st Edition Adventures", and will be designed for use with Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion. Here is a run down of what Newt has planned:
Adventure Modules
I've roughly got the following planned.

AA-UK1. The Furnace – write up of the Tournament game I’ve just run.
AA-UK2. Bone Valley – my tribute to Keep on the Borderlands, through a gritty UK lens. A valley filled with old tombs and caves, and at its head Fort Boneguard, a seedy town from ancient times that has seen better days and is an adventurers hang out. A sandpit for levels 1-3?
AA-UK3. Sorcerer Under Mountain - go to a mountain to get a long dead sorcerer’s treasure. What could possibly go wrong?
I am excited by this announcement. Newt is a great game designer, and he is passionate about gaming, which is obvious from the products he has released (OpenQuest, Wordplay, various HeroQuest products, etc.).

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