My 1PDC2010 Entry Won "Best Cthulhu"

Well, it is official. The votes for this year's One Page Dungeon Contest are in from the judges, and I am happy to see that my entry, "Raid on Black Goat Wood", has been selected as a winner and named "Best Cthulhu." Not bad for an adventure that was not designed specifically for Call of Cthulhu, but was presented with a blatantly distinct old school D&D vibe... with a healthy helping of Lovecraftian mayhem slathered on for good measure.

What does this mean as far as prizes and such? Well, I am not quite sure. I guess we will see once I receive an email from the judges explaining things to me in more detail. For those interested, all the winning entries have been collected in one easy to download PDF, so please feel free to check them out. Finally, here is the list of all of this year's winners (congrats everyone!):

Entry Winning: (Category)
  • Adam Thornton – Central New Jersey After the “Big Whoops” (Best Post Apocalyptic Goodness)
  • Antti Hulkkonen – Den of Villainy (Best Pirates)
  • Chris Gonzales – The Tunnels of Turrack the Terrible (Best Sound Effects)
  • Clarabelle Chong – Time for Tea (Best Victorian Sci-Fi)
  • Corwin Riddle – City of Traitors (Best Lost City)
  • Craig Brasco – The Vault of Zerduzan (Best Evil Cultist Hangout)
  • Heron Prior – Trolls will be Trolls (Best Lair)
  • Herwin Wielink – The Crypt of Luân Phiên (Best Architectural Design)
  • Jimm Johnson and Jeff Lynk – The Contemptible Cube of Quazar (Craziest Map Award)
  • Lord Kilgore – Heart of Darkness (Best Mini Campaign)
  • Paul Siegel – Four Corners (Best Fitness Center)
  • Peter A. Mullen – Laboratory of the Asmodean Techno-Mage (Snazziest Way to Push the Envelope)
  • Rob Antonishen – Mine! Not Yours? (Best Mine Crawl)
  • Shane Mangus – Raid on Black Goat Wood (Best Cthulhu)
  • Simon Bull – The Ruination Of Tenamen (Best Monsters)
  • Stuart Robertson – Dungeon From A Distant Star (Best Mixing of Genres)
  • Tim Shorts – Where is Margesh Blackblood (Most Hideouts for the Head Bad Guy)
  • Tom Holmes – The Bone Harvest Horror (Best Cartography)


James said...


Sean Robson said...

That's awesome, Shane, congratulations! I really loved that adventure - I'm so glad it won.

Anonymous said...

Very much deserved! An excellent adventure which I plan to inflict on my friends soon!

Propnomicon said...

Congratulations on your win.

Trey said...


Simon J. Hogwood said...

Congrats! I thought it was a terrific adventure.

Anonymous said...

Well done!