[The Lovecraftian Collector] More Cthulhu Idols

I wanted to share a few more pieces from my Lovecraftian prop collection. Here is a picture of all of my Cthulhu statues and busts grouped together:

From left to right:
  • Bob Maurus sculpture.
  • This small bust was sculpted by A.S. Koi over at Catalyst Studios. This is one of my favorites, simply because of the shape and style of the piece. Very unique.
  • (Large/In the back) I purchased this one on eBay five or six years ago, and unfortunately I do not know the sculptor's name. Interestingly, this idol is one of the lightest pieces in my collection, despite it's size. Of all of my Cthulhu sculptures this one is the most traditional, and adheres to the description of the idol given in Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu."
  • (Small/In the front) This was another eBay purchase. I really love that this piece looks like it could have been be found in the dense jungles of South America. I am not sure who sculpted this one.
  • Another one by Catalyst Studios, but this time I am not sure who sculpted this one. I would say, out of all the pieces shown here this is my least favorite.
  • This last one I purchased from ToyVault. This one is titled Cthulhu Lives! and it looks like it is out of print and no longer being offered. Unfortunately, I do not know the sculptor's name. Cthulhu practicing transcendental meditation is always cool!
I feel bad that I cannot credit all of the sculptors for their work. If anyone has additional information about these pieces please share.


Zanazaz said...

If you are a sculpter and market your work; you should ALWAYS sign the bottom of the sculpture. Even if it is a cast of the sculpture. Also date it, and make sure the signature is legible. If it isn't. then neatly print your name on the piece in addition to the signature. It's all about promoting your work and provenance.

Shane Mangus said...

That is good advice, Zanazaz. Thanks.

R.R. Hunsinger said...

still creeps me out Mangus....

Anonymous said...

I believe your unidentified #3 idol (large green in back) is shown being sculpted here: ...


Shane Mangus said...


It looks like you solved the mystery. That is the idol in question. The funny part is that I have looked everywhere on the Stygian Depths website and I still am not sure what the artist's name is. His first name is Rick, but the bio section is not working for some reason. I will shoot him an email.



Anonymous said...

He has a page at the Temple of Dagon: Richard Allen Poppe.